Terms & Conditions

We thank you for reviewing the privacy document,

We would like to inform you that the site is fully aware of the sensitivity of the issue of confidentiality in its dealings on the Internet

It is committed to protecting personal privacy, and the purpose of this privacy document is to show the store to its visitors

Its general approach is to collect, use and publish user information across our store and the people who provide us

With their mobile numbers and personal identification through the store, they will not receive any phone calls

Or mobile messages only by us and for the purpose for which these numbers are given only, and on this basis, you can provide us

With your names, your mobile numbers and personal identification, without fear or worry, for use in any transactions

You may request it, and we confirm that we remove all names, mobile numbers, and personal identification.


We also advise and always emphasize: -

 The use of electronic cards in the sites designated for them

The store does not ask the customer for any secret numbers or bank cards, and accordingly we recommend that you not divulge

Secret numbers or bank accounts, no unknown party.

Not to give or share card numbers with anyone else

We offer inquiries and help activate cards for the customer